Print Release

To Whom it May Concern,

I, Megan Eileen, as owner and legal copyright author, photographer at Something Bleu LLC do hereby grant customer rights to copy, print or reproduce photos as described; consisting of miscellaneous images, as contained on/within provided by me. Permission to reprint or reproduce in any fashion is unlimited for customer's personal usage. No reproductions of photos shall be made for commercial purposes, advertising, resale or contest entry, without prior written consent from Megan Eileen and Something Bleu of which copyrights remain. A copy of this document shall be considered adequate proof of release by the printer. Confirmation of such can be verified at or by contacting me at any time if necessary. Customer Signature required to validate below.

This release is strictly for allowing my customers who qualify to reprint pictures as they please (personal usage). It is not meant to gain permission from them in my using their images on my website or commercial usage. I've gained permission in signed wedding contract. By signing customer agrees to all terms.

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